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Now it's time to make it awesome, and I can help. It's my job to help you figure out how to make your story into the best possible version of itself--and to help you grow as a writer in the process.

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My specialties

Every editor has specialties: the genres we love,

the types of stories we know best.

Here are mine!



For small stuff (queries, synopses, etc.), I can work with any audience or genre except horror or erotica.



Yay for kidlit! I love fantasy, sci-fi, adventures, & fun.  Tragic or super-spooky stuff isn't for me, though.



I adore twisty plots, quirk, high concepts, & impossible romances. No dark or super-violent stories please!



I love heroines with agency & a sense of humor! I'm okay with category-style heat levels but no erotica, please.

About me: I'm Naomi Hughes, freelance editor and assistant editor at Entangled Publishing. I've served as a mentor/judge in many writing contests (including Pitch Madness, Query Kombat, and Pitch Wars) over the past few years. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications. I'm also a writer myself--if you want to find out more about my quirky YA and MG stories, you can check out my author page here!


About Erica, my fabulous intern: Erica Secor is a writing coach for adult learners. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and two rescue dogs. She's never punched Chad Michael Murray more than once.


Common Story Issues: Curious about what sort of problems I find most often in manuscripts? Check out my list of common issues!


Pitch Wars: Yes, I will be a Pitch Wars mentor for 2017! My wish list is here.

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What can I help you with?


Does your query need to be whipped into shape? Are you trying to trim your synopsis down to that mythical single page? Need help figuring out where to start with revisions on your full manuscript? Check out my services!

Submission Packages

Critiques for your query + first 10 pages


If you're getting rejections at the query level & want to figure out why, this is the option for you.

Full Manuscripts

Help for your story as a whole


Need to get eyes on your story? I offer full manuscript critiques, reader reports, and line editing.

Queries, Synopses & Pitches

Help for the really tough stuff


Includes brainstorming options, where I help you build a shiny new query or Twitter pitch from scratch.

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