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Q. Can I see a sample of your work?

A. Absolutely! You can find examples of my critiques here.



Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

A. Yes! It's here.



Q. Will hiring you help me get an agent/book deal?

A. My goal is to help you hone your story and improve your writing. Whether you land an agent/book deal is completely out of my hands, due to a lot of factors (market variations, subjectivity, what sorts of edits you decide to make post-critique, etc.). That being said, improving your story and your craft in any way always gives you an excellent leg-up on your publication goals. A side note: I do not give referrals, sorry.



Q. Do you offer free sample critiques?

A. Yes! I offer free 3-page sample critiques and/or line edits to anyone who's considering booking a full manuscript service. It's a great way to make sure your project and I are a good fit before you make any big commitments--just email me with your project details.



Q. What experience do you have?

A. Education-wise, my credentials include a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and graduate work toward a Master's Degree in Library and Information Studies. I have experience in publishing through my own journey as a writer, as well; I have two books traditionally published by Page Street Press (distributed by Macmillan). I've also been an Assistant Editor for Entangled Publishing, and have served as a mentor/judge for critique-based writing contests like Pitch Wars and Query Kombat for the last few years.



Q. What's your cancellation policy?

A. If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible and I'll do everything I can to help you out and work around any difficulties. Here's my normal policy: for smaller jobs (anything that isn't a full manuscript), your money is fully refundable up until the day I start on your critique, and after that is nonrefundable. For full manuscripts, there's a bit of a timeline issue, since these are typically booked months in advance and it's hard for me to fill a last-minute vacancy. If you cancel prior to 4 weeks in advance, your money is fully refundable. If you cancel less than 4 weeks in advance, there is a 20% cancellation fee unless I can find someone to fill your spot.



Q. What type of editing do you offer?

A. Basically, there are three types of edits: developmental editing (big-picture stuff like plot, character arcs, pacing), line editing (word choice, phrasing, small-scale changes), and copy editing/proofreading (fact checking, grammar, etc.). My Full Manuscript Critique and Edit Letter Only option focus mostly on developmental issues, while my Line Editing focuses on the sentence-by-sentence strength of your book. I don't currently offer copy editing services.



Q. Do you offer re-reads after I've edited based on your original feedback?

A. I'm happy to critique your revised work for 3/4ths of my normal fee, for every service except line edits, which aren't eligible for the re-read discount. This discount only applies within 1 year of your original critique service, and only if the critique level is at the same or a less-intensive level as your original edits--if you get a full manuscript critique and then want me to do line edits, the discount won't apply, but if you do a full manuscript critique and then want an edit letter only option to make sure you've nailed revisions, it will. Take your time with edits though! You'll get the most out of my edits if you make your manuscript as awesome as possible on your own first.



Q. What is your editing style?

A. I'm always honest, but my tough love comes with encouragement. If I think your manuscript needs to be reworked, I will tell you so, but I will also give you suggestions for alternate ideas when I can. I'll note your strong points too, so you'll get a good idea of what is working. If you've never received professional feedback before, or if you need your feedback extra-gentle, please do let me know. Even gentle honesty can be a shock to the system if you're not used to criticism.



Q. How do you decide what to charge for your edits?

A. I base my fees on the standard pay rates of the Editorial Freelancers Association, which recommends $45-55 per hour for developmental editing and $40-60 per hour for line editing.



Q. I'm on a deadline. Can you get me in more quickly than normal?

A. If you need your material critiqued faster than my schedule allows, I can sometimes prioritize it for a rush fee of 10-40%, depending on the size of the project and how quickly you need it back. Please contact me for more information.

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