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Don't sweat the small stuff!



I can show you how to tighten up your writing to keep your word count down, point out places where you can include those vital bits of voice, and ferret out elements that aren't working. My query (or back cover copy) help comes in three varieties:

  1. Quick Critique ($35). This includes 1-2 paragraphs of overall feedback only (no line edits).
  2. In-Depth Critique ($50). This includes nitty-gritty line editing as well as 1-2 paragraphs of overall feedback.
  3. Unlimited Brainstorming ($100-$130). If trying to write a query has you tearing out your hair, this service is for you. It includes unlimited back-and-forth emails with advice, suggestions, and critique until you're satisfied with your query, and costs $130 if we're starting from scratch or $100 if you have a current query we can use as a jumping-off point.

You can see samples of query brainstorming and in-depth query critiques (that helped land book deals!) here.



I'll be a fresh set of eyes for your synopsis and will tell you where a reader will get confused, what you can leave out, and where information is missing. Through a synopsis, I can also often supply insight on problems that might affect the story itself, such as an area of slow pacing or a climax that feels off. If your synopsis needs an in-depth critique, I can do that for $70; if it needs intensive care, I can wade in and help you brainstorm/rewrite it for $130. Note: These packages cover synopses of up to 2 single-spaced pages. If your synopsis is longer, an extra fee might apply.

You can see a sample synopsis critique here!



Entering a Twitter contest? Need a logline or 1-2 sentence pitch? I can critique one of your current pitches for $10, or if you need help formulating a pitch from scratch, I can help you brainstorm one for $30.

You can see a sample pitch critique here!

Booking & Payment


If you're ready to book, contact me and I'll get back to you asap. Payments are made via Paypal and reserve your spot on my schedule.

Now booking: 1-2 weeks out

Other Stuff


If you need help with something that's not listed--a short story, help with a work in progress, etc.--feel free to ask!

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